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2010-07-31 17:59:07 by Karco

Update 6-21-11: I'm now on hiatus for an indefinite amount of time, partially because I won't have too much time to write music, and partially because my new main computer is a Mac, which makes using FL Studio quite inconvenient. I'm not really expecting tons of people to see this; this is more me tying up a loose end.

If you need to reach me, you can always do so by sending me a message on SoundCloud.

Happy summer!

For reference:
Listen to my newer music on Mediafire
Listen to my newest music on SoundCloud

New sketch "Weavings!"

2010-07-02 05:37:36 by Karco

Have a listen.

Surprise! New Music: "Invincible."

2010-06-23 19:28:09 by Karco

So I've been working on a remix of the star theme from the Mario games. Today, it went up - and not on my Mediafire, but on my new SoundCloud, which is where I'll be putting things up from now on. This track won't be going on the album, so I'm releasing it in full for free download.


Upcoming Album (+previews)! Also, New track: Time Without!

2010-06-06 02:13:39 by Karco

Previews are up! Download them at my Mediafire, under the Demos section. I've got four at the moment, though I'll add on to the file as I make progress. I didn't post individual previews, but the set is under four megabytes, so it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, be aware that the tracks may still change between now and release.

0:00-0:30 - Breathless. Some of you might have heard this one before. This one was a lot of fun to make and is intended to be fun to listen to.

0:31-1:16 - Recess. This is literally a never-before-shared piece of music, so it's especially subject to change. This preview is longer than the others, as it's a bit of a slower track.

1:17-1:46 - Signwave. I decided to include on the album too. It's been released in full already, but I decided I'd add it as a preview for completeness.

1:47-2:18 - The fourth preview is one that some of you will love, and one some of you will hate.

Of course, this isn't your typical album, based on the variety between even these previews alone. I'm going for variety rather than unity between each track. The album does have a theme, but what it is, I won't say (yet?).


So I've decided I'll put together an album this summer.

Why? It'll be fun!

Most of my time spent on music over the past few months has gone towards tracks which have ended up on this album, hence my inactivity in that time. This summer, I'll still be about as inactive (though that doesn't mean you won't hear any new full tracks until the album).

Very soon, I'll be posting previews of the individual album tracks as I finish them (I'll go for one every few weeks), plus a file of the previews as a set for those who don't want to download them all individually. They won't quite be what you'll expect - I'm branching out a bit with these tracks. It's going to be more of a "music" album than a "trance" or maybe even "EDM" album.

Want to help? Just let me know - I'm open to putting collabs on, as long as I'm proud of what comes out. Drop me a line and we'll work something out.

Keep checking by!


It's been a long time coming, but here it is at last. Download Time Without at my Mediafire.

A bit of background: I don't remember when I started working on this track. My oldest render I still have was made on May 22nd, 2009, so I do know it's been more than a year since I started working on this track. Just for fun, I put that version up under "Experiments, Misc." at my Mediafire. Interestingly, the track I uploaded was rendered exactly a year later.

This track was also intended to be an effort at signing something, just because of the amount of attention I paid to character and energy throughout production. When I was working on it, I sent it to so many people for advice that it's possible that there will be more people reading this post who will recognize it than people who won't.

Throughout production, though, I never could find a good lead sound or a good melody for the track, so it never went anywhere and I never tried to do anything with it. But, some time later, I didn't want the track to collect any more dust, so I polished it up a bit and sent it to Anjunabeats for kicks. Today, it's been two weeks without any response, so up it goes!

The track is quiet to avoid clipping, so turn the volume up! Someday, I'll master my music, I promise.


Announcement tomorrow.

Summer, New music.

2010-05-26 18:01:46 by Karco

I'm finished with school for the year, so I've got more time to produce. Something big is in the works, though I'm not going to announce it yet - but stay tuned. If time permits, I'll try to be a bit more active here as well.

I finished a song recently. It's not quite mixed, but otherwise it's something new - harder stuff, in a similar vein to my older song Contrast. Download Crush at my Mediafire!

News on Time Without within a week or two (for sure this time). I should be able to announce my "big thing in the works" by then as well.


New music: Time For Morning (2010 Instrumental Mix)!

2010-03-06 02:24:25 by Karco

Because of the response I received in response to my previous post, I'll be posting two tracks within the month. The first is up now: download and listen to Time For Morning (2010 Instrumental Mix)!

This track's been in progress since late 2008, (I think) and for various reasons was never finished. I was able to give it a quick polish before uploading, but be aware that it could still use a little bit more work (which still isn't worth the time for me). Last, if it sounds repetitive, take it with a grain of salt - there were supposed to be vocals. Comment, and enjoy!

I won't be able to release Time Without like I promised. There's simply too much to be done in the time that I have for it. Sorry! I do hope to release it someday when I get the time to polish it up at last.

Last, like I mentioned in the last post, big things are in the distant future (I hope).

Time Without and Time For Morning Release?

2010-02-26 21:44:11 by Karco

Update 3-3-10: Just so you all know, I'll be ridiculously busy from now to the 10th (I'll also be gone from then until the 17th), which may delay release of the two tracks - I definitely want to edit them both a little bit before posting them up for good. Don't expect them to go up the moment the eighth comment is posted, though I do promise they will go up in the very near future once it is.


Hey everyone - I've been "working" on two tracks (Time Without and Time For Morning, intuitively enough) since January or so that haven't ever really been finished and posted because I had higher ambitions for them. I'm considering posting them now, but I'm still reluctant to do it. So I will, if I get a strong enough response.

I do realize not many people check this page that often, so if you're interested, spread the word and see how many other people are interested. If I get, let's say, greater than eight unique users' comments, I'll post the two.

On a side note, big things are hopefully in the works.

That's all, have a good weekend!

New music: Signwave, Breaking (Instrumental Mix) and Good Times!

2009-12-31 22:30:30 by Karco

Finished my new track SignWave! It's just three minutes, but you can find it on my Mediafire under Experiments.

With this track, I was going for melodic and minimal at the same time, while centering around one rhythm for the full length of the track, and keeping it interesting throughout (the most difficult part). In a sense, this was an exercise in every aspect of composition. It was pretty fun to write! :)



Here's the new song I promised! It's in an interesting new style that merits some explanation. It was inspired by two things: the first, suggestions from a friend, and the second, some interesting thoughts about Pendulum.

Listening to their album In Silico, sure - I saw the perspective of those people who don't like to call Pendulum drum and bass. As music, though, I think Pendulum is terrific - some of their tracks manage to blend commercial appeal with very characterized sounds. Of course, character is to an extent subjective - I don't listen to very much music like this, so I take myself with a grain of salt with regard to Pendulum, and you should too - so if you don't like this style, this may not be a song for you.

Regardless, when a friend requested that I make a song for an upcoming performance, I thought it the perfect opportunity to try the style to better understand what about it works so well for me. Instrument limitations - I had no access to guitars during production - limited the commercial appeal I could work in, but as a whole I'm pretty happy with it.

It's a very new style for me, so I didn't produce this to my usual standards. Some production aspects lack in polish, or even in work. Sadly, I'm done working on this song - I just don't have the time to make any fixes. Hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. Find the most recent version on my Mediafire, under Full Tracks!

One final point: this was originally intended to be a vocal track, but time conflicts soon made a recording session impossible. I then decided to create my vocalist out of vocoded Speak N Spell samples posted a while ago on the Audio Forum instead. During the sequencing process, I learned that the song wasn't going to be used in a performance after all, so I stopped production, leaving me with a rough, partially sequenced vocal track. The version under Full Tracks is an instrumental (lacking vocals, it'll sound repetitive), but I did make a separate render with the vocals I did sequence for anyone who wants to have a taste (it's on my Mediafire, under Experiments, Misc. - be warned, it really is rough).



Recently I've been spending a bit more time on writing music - it's winter break after all - and while working on the other song I promised, I found time to revisit an older track. Some of you may recognize it as the french house track I posted a preview of, now in radio edit form. Visit my Mediafire to download it (find it under Full Tracks).

A bit more info about this track, mostly copy-pasted from what I wrote for the preview: "I started with an incredibly terrible recording of a jazz concert I was a part of, and from there, cut it up to make the various sounds in this track, exceptions being most of the drums (VEH1/2) and the bass (guess! anyone who uses FL has this). The recording itself was actually extremely colored and has zero response above about 10 kHz. Can you tell?"

There's also some uncommon knowledge associated with this track. If you think you've figured it out, keep quiet, but let me know. :)

So, 8 months in the making, here's Good Times! Enjoy, and happy new year!

I'm still alive, plus some favorites.

2009-10-18 19:30:12 by Karco

Edit: To those of you who have been expecting the new song, there's been a change of plans due to events beyond my control. Sorry!

I know for sure the song will be 100% completed before January 8th.


Just making a post to let you all know I'm still alive and visiting. School has kept me too busy to do much more though.

While I'm at it, some of my recent favorites. No embedded videos, just click! The page loads faster this way.

So what's up?

Randomer - Synth Geek
Solarity - Mantis
PROFF - Starstruck (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
Daniel Portman - Open Your Mind
Sunny Lax - Misgrey
Everlight - Colours (Cressida Remix)
Edu pres. Time Traveler - Save the Planet (Cramp Remix)
Danny Byrd - Feet Won't Touch the Ground


2009-09-11 22:58:13 by Karco

So I'm still ridiculously busy, but since I've got time for a breather, I thought I'd post this story I heard the other day:

A friend of mine was on the road, listening to my music (Contrast I think). While he's stopped, someone else pulls up, rolls down the window, and says something along the lines of, "Hey, is that Karco?"

Hopefully I didn't mess any of that up, but that story made my day. :D

Now, back to work with me!