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I'm still alive, plus some favorites.

Posted by Karco - October 18th, 2009

Edit: To those of you who have been expecting the new song, there's been a change of plans due to events beyond my control. Sorry!

I know for sure the song will be 100% completed before January 8th.


Just making a post to let you all know I'm still alive and visiting. School has kept me too busy to do much more though.

While I'm at it, some of my recent favorites. No embedded videos, just click! The page loads faster this way.

So what's up?

Randomer - Synth Geek
Solarity - Mantis
PROFF - Starstruck (Shingo Nakamura Remix)
Daniel Portman - Open Your Mind
Sunny Lax - Misgrey
Everlight - Colours (Cressida Remix)
Edu pres. Time Traveler - Save the Planet (Cramp Remix)
Danny Byrd - Feet Won't Touch the Ground

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I see Nitrous Oxide in there. I'll delay my bedtime a bit more.
Not bad. Not bad at all. But I guess I prefer N20's solo productions.

What's up you ask?
I got a username change from MICHhimself to Mich (as you might have guessed by now). Also, I wrote a Newgrounds Audio guide, which is to be viewed in my newsposts.
That's about it. :p

it's mostly ordinary, but the bass is nice, and I love the chord progression. :D

I noticed both of those things. nice going!

sadzebracow has boner for u


When's the Unleashed cd gonna be released?

whenever I have time. too busy. :(

Omg I found you on Audiosurf! (You have no idea how cool it is to find my in game name next to Karco and MrMilkCarton on the in game leader boards for Cordis' 'Lust')

Random exclamations aside, great list you got there. Have to say nothing beats the original Finished Symphony, though, no matter how good the remix is.

yep, great game. sadly I haven't got much time to play it anymore... but with all the new music I've found, maybe I should find some. :)

You like Anjunabeats huh? :]

of course. they (mostly) put out lots of great stuff. :D

not much...

also are you asian?

lame, and nope!

Hey! I left you a PM, but I guess you don't check in often. I'm definitely glad to hear that you are alive!

My main question was if I could catch you're e-mail so I could send you some of my songs in the works? I'm really stumped with what to do next with them, and I was hoping to you could give some advice. I'm really happy with how they sound so far, which is why I'm determined to finish them sometime...

Thanks! (I'm sorry to have such a selfish reason to post on this, but I've been really practicing making some real trance, and I think I've got good results...plus I sent you a link to some DJ that does 2 hour long mixes of what in my opinion is awesome trance!)


Hey Pazil - because of a lack of time, I don't accept requests for advice. Sorry!

hi im 12 years old and what is this and i love you

Hey Kalapsia - if you're under 13, you shouldn't be on Newgrounds.

NG Audio Moderation


i'm only kidding, release some good tracks already >:(

I know, hence the :D face. ;D

New stuff is on its way, I promise.

Can you pm me the last favorites list or something? I was using this to link to them, but they're gone now D:

Easier still, I'll just tell you the tracks and you can look them up on YouTube. It's not hard. In no particular order, they were:

Boom Jinx & Andrew Bayer - To The Six
Doves - Jetstream (Sasha Remix)
Adam Nickey & Nitrous Oxide - Moon Dust
Mat Zo - Nuclear Fusion

Sadly that's all I remember, and there's no way to get the old links back. If you've got a browser history, that might help you.


hey! :O

dude did you die


tyDi - Good Dream (Original Mix)


looking it up, and nice to hear from you. :D

Bai teh wai...

Your music is epic win. In cascades of awesome...

I used one of your tracks (Karco - Unleashed, which is one of the best tracks I've ever heard- and I listen to a looooooot of music) in a school video that was explaining the spirit of openness and what humanity can achieve through the passion and aspiration of things greater than simple monetary gain.

That song made everyone flow a little in the class.


Nice! :) Glad it worked for you.

Thanks for the support!



New song tiem?

Or are you gonna be mean and make me wait till the 8th?

Well, I'm working on it right now. Once it's finished, it's going up!

naturally, it still needs a lot of work. The 8th is a certain time by which you'll have it, but it'll probably be up by Monday.

also, when/why don't you have mod status?

Happened a week or two ago, I think? I stepped down, school took over my life. ;D

I'm still dead, plus some

good luck with whatever is making you more than dead!