New music: Signwave, Breaking (Instrumental Mix) and Good Times!

2009-12-31 22:30:30 by Karco

Finished my new track SignWave! It's just three minutes, but you can find it on my Mediafire under Experiments.

With this track, I was going for melodic and minimal at the same time, while centering around one rhythm for the full length of the track, and keeping it interesting throughout (the most difficult part). In a sense, this was an exercise in every aspect of composition. It was pretty fun to write! :)



Here's the new song I promised! It's in an interesting new style that merits some explanation. It was inspired by two things: the first, suggestions from a friend, and the second, some interesting thoughts about Pendulum.

Listening to their album In Silico, sure - I saw the perspective of those people who don't like to call Pendulum drum and bass. As music, though, I think Pendulum is terrific - some of their tracks manage to blend commercial appeal with very characterized sounds. Of course, character is to an extent subjective - I don't listen to very much music like this, so I take myself with a grain of salt with regard to Pendulum, and you should too - so if you don't like this style, this may not be a song for you.

Regardless, when a friend requested that I make a song for an upcoming performance, I thought it the perfect opportunity to try the style to better understand what about it works so well for me. Instrument limitations - I had no access to guitars during production - limited the commercial appeal I could work in, but as a whole I'm pretty happy with it.

It's a very new style for me, so I didn't produce this to my usual standards. Some production aspects lack in polish, or even in work. Sadly, I'm done working on this song - I just don't have the time to make any fixes. Hopefully you'll enjoy it anyway. Find the most recent version on my Mediafire, under Full Tracks!

One final point: this was originally intended to be a vocal track, but time conflicts soon made a recording session impossible. I then decided to create my vocalist out of vocoded Speak N Spell samples posted a while ago on the Audio Forum instead. During the sequencing process, I learned that the song wasn't going to be used in a performance after all, so I stopped production, leaving me with a rough, partially sequenced vocal track. The version under Full Tracks is an instrumental (lacking vocals, it'll sound repetitive), but I did make a separate render with the vocals I did sequence for anyone who wants to have a taste (it's on my Mediafire, under Experiments, Misc. - be warned, it really is rough).



Recently I've been spending a bit more time on writing music - it's winter break after all - and while working on the other song I promised, I found time to revisit an older track. Some of you may recognize it as the french house track I posted a preview of, now in radio edit form. Visit my Mediafire to download it (find it under Full Tracks).

A bit more info about this track, mostly copy-pasted from what I wrote for the preview: "I started with an incredibly terrible recording of a jazz concert I was a part of, and from there, cut it up to make the various sounds in this track, exceptions being most of the drums (VEH1/2) and the bass (guess! anyone who uses FL has this). The recording itself was actually extremely colored and has zero response above about 10 kHz. Can you tell?"

There's also some uncommon knowledge associated with this track. If you think you've figured it out, keep quiet, but let me know. :)

So, 8 months in the making, here's Good Times! Enjoy, and happy new year!


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2010-01-01 18:57:54

Nice track ^^

Is the bass instrument BooBass?

Karco responds:

Nice! That's... right!

Glad you liked it!


2010-01-25 14:15:48

karco = pendulum

i knew it all along.

Karco responds:

bah. get out. ;D


2010-02-02 12:40:44

Hai there karco =D
Long time no see! ( Where are you on msn >: l )
Remember the last time we talked? I don't. But since then i haven't made anything new until now! So is this the song you are finally going to review? You never reviewed me before :(.
Now, since i'm kind of back into producing. I was thinking of getting real speakers. The speakers i have now are just some stupid logitech that came with the computer. So i borrowed some headphones from my friend, and wow they made a really different sound! I made the song entirely with the headphones, but then... The headphones had some sort of bass boost or whatever. It didn't show the 'true' sound coming from the computer. There for i'm really thinking of spending some money on some producer home speakers. Obviously i want them budget ( 250 euro's max ). Second hand is a possibility. But i want your advice at this, can you suggest me anything good for a decent price? Should i bother looking for an alternative headphone? I made a thread in the NGAF about this you could check that out our just reply this message. Thanks in advance, but dude, come online earlier >: l


Karco responds:

Nice wall of text there Firebolt (and nice to hear from you, too)!

I don't log onto chat anymore - I simply don't have the time, because of school and all. Even if I wanted to, my MSN's broken. It wants me to install the new version, which won't install, and won't sign on from the old version.

I'm not quite the one to ask about headphones and speakers, but I can tell you that my Sennheiser HD-595s and MDR-EX90 earbuds have been very reliable, and both are quite reasonably priced. Good luck!


2010-02-06 09:21:17

How come you're so busy with school?

(Updated ) Karco responds:

It's a great but demanding school. Most of the time I'm either working, resting, or sleeping. :\

I'm also a junior now, which means college-related work stacks on top of everything else.


2010-02-13 20:14:47

Hey! Look who's back O.O

You seem to becoming less active which sucks, but I am slowly going away from newgrounds as well. I do check this site everyday, lurking on the AF and doing the daily voting on flashes, but that's pretty much it.

It's not because of school, it's because newgrounds just gets repetitive. ( If you didn't get that joke then you deserve a facepalm ). XD

I blame puberty.

Karco responds:

You haven't changed your name since the last time I'd heard from you. Impressive.

Also, I think I get the joke...