New music: Time For Morning (2010 Instrumental Mix)!

2010-03-06 02:24:25 by Karco

Because of the response I received in response to my previous post, I'll be posting two tracks within the month. The first is up now: download and listen to Time For Morning (2010 Instrumental Mix)!

This track's been in progress since late 2008, (I think) and for various reasons was never finished. I was able to give it a quick polish before uploading, but be aware that it could still use a little bit more work (which still isn't worth the time for me). Last, if it sounds repetitive, take it with a grain of salt - there were supposed to be vocals. Comment, and enjoy!

I won't be able to release Time Without like I promised. There's simply too much to be done in the time that I have for it. Sorry! I do hope to release it someday when I get the time to polish it up at last.

Last, like I mentioned in the last post, big things are in the distant future (I hope).


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2010-03-06 20:42:43

Omg, new songs? o.O

I'll have a listen to yours tomorrow, but in the meantime go check out my latest looptydoop n/316505 .

It's been a while since I made anything too :D

Karco responds:

Believe me, I'm just as surprised as you are. :D

As for your track, will do.


2010-03-08 17:53:31


Karco responds:

hip hip, hooray. :D


2010-03-09 16:53:45

Crappppp how am i susposed to get better then you at some point.. >.>
love time for morning, will leave a short review later... Bit too late now
That's why i always said you should make more >: l

Karco responds:

Hey, if you're spending more time on music than I am, you stand a chance. ;D

And hey, didn't I say more stuff is on the way?


2010-03-10 16:43:33

well i am spending more time, but it's not paying off at all (Imo). Inspiration blockage!

Karco responds:

You'll get there. Listen to more music. :)


2010-04-04 12:23:05

LoL, i've finally managed to complete a new song. It sure took me awhile since the last one. Can you check it out? :)

Karco responds:

Just finished listening. Good stuff!