Summer, New music.

2010-05-26 18:01:46 by Karco

I'm finished with school for the year, so I've got more time to produce. Something big is in the works, though I'm not going to announce it yet - but stay tuned. If time permits, I'll try to be a bit more active here as well.

I finished a song recently. It's not quite mixed, but otherwise it's something new - harder stuff, in a similar vein to my older song Contrast. Download Crush at my Mediafire!

News on Time Without within a week or two (for sure this time). I should be able to announce my "big thing in the works" by then as well.



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2010-05-26 19:44:35

welcome back man

Karco responds:



2010-05-26 21:45:12

You're still alive?

Karco responds:

Hey, I'm surprised too.