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2008-02-07 22:41:49 by Karco

UPDATE 3-5-08: Just submitted Contrast, listen to it here! :D Be sure to comment on this news post if you don't feel like leaving a full review.

Enjoy! ;D


UPDATE 3-4-08: Contrast is almost finished! :D I've just about finished the second peak though I'm still polishing a few parts before that. Then I've got the ending, which is always easy to do. ;) I plan to have it submitted today (or tomorrow if things don't go according to plan).

Also, question - should I continue these daily updates once I submit Contrast? Comment here with your answers, and keep in mind that I won't decide based on majority, but rather on how many people answer to begin with. ;D

Don't get how that works? Think about it...


UPDATE 3-3-08: Aww, look at that. Falling Farther (Trance Remix) was taken off the front page. :( Ah well, I know that SOMEBODY'S got to be reading these updates, so I'll keep them up anyway. ;)

I'm making decent, though slow, progress with Contrast, mostly because I'm polishing each section as I make it, rather than polishing everything at once at the end. Demo renders are available, but you'll have to contact me privately - PM, IM, e-mail - as I don't have an actual preview to show right now, like with the last one. ;)

Also, I've decided on two breakdowns and two peaks for sure, now, so the song will take longer to make, but should be at least 5, but probably 6 (or maybe even 7 :P) minutes long. Just be patient, this is going to be awesome... >:)


UPDATE 3-2-08: Today's update, unfortunately, isn't going to be a good one. :\ I've really been in no state to make music yesterday, and probably won't be today (sick), so I'm going to have to delay the submission of my song Contrast. :\ I'm still trying to work on it, and hopefully I'll have it submitted within a week from today,

Hopefully this delay won't turn too many people away from checking by my page for my next submission. I'm still going to submit it sooner or later, after all. ;D

EDIT EDIT EDIT! :D Never mind, I'm getting a surprising amount of work done. Still, I'm not guaranteeing a submission date, but take a look at the message on the left side of my page to see how overall progress is going. ;) There's also a fair chance that this song will be my first with two breakdowns and two peaks, which would mean it would be around two minutes longer. It also means I'd be spending more time making it, but we'll have to see. ;)


UPDATE 3-1-08: Finally, the two-week break I've been waiting for! >:) Not much to say now, except that I'm working harder than ever on this song... if anyone wants a demo render, contact me and I'll send you one privately. The demo down in one of the earlier edits is enough for the public to see until I submit the finished song. ;D

Also, it looks like the song's going to be submitted on either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, but hopefully no later than that. ;) I'm trying to get a new expansion for Nexus, which will hopefully make making this song ten times easier. ;)

Thanks for your patience! :)


UPDATE 2-29-08: Leap day edit! :D

Like I said, progress is picking up with music overall, and I plan to have the hard trance song finished by Sunday, maybe Monday if it takes too long.

Here are the details I promised:
Title - Contrast
Length - 4-6 minutes
Days to Completion - Hopefully two or three
Awesome - Yes! ;D

Just a few more days... ;)


UPDATE 2-28-08: So yesterday was the big "hump" of the week, and now that I'm past that, work on these WIPs is finally going to pick up again! :D I'll be posting the details for the hard trance WIP on Friday, though, I don't have time to do it right now. :P

Also, just a thought... anyone else think it's odd that more people have favorited my song Falling Farther (Trance Remix) than me as an artist? o_O

Anyway, thanks for your patience, everyone, it's going to pay off soon enough! ;D


UPDATE 2-27-08: Third daily update! :) A few things:
1) Renamed the reversed version of the Rush demo to Rewind, just because it fits more. :P
2) I didn't make any real progress on my hard trance WIP or Rush, sadly, and I probably won't make any today, either. :\
3) If anyone knows a song or two that reminds them of Rush, send it to me! It just might help me get it done faster. ;)
4) The review count on Falling Farther (Trance Remix) has broken 30 reviews! :D Right now it's at 35... thanks, everyone! :)

Thanks for reading, details on the hard trance WIP are coming either tomorrow or the day after that! :D


UPDATE 2-26-08: Huge progress was made last night, not structurewise but compositionwise. Now, I can guarantee that this song will get finished, and soon! :D Also stay tuned for the details - name, length, etc. - which I'll post on Thursday or Friday, after a bit more work and once my homework clears up. ;)


UPDATE 2-25-08: First daily update, thanks for reading! :) So far, I've got an idea of where I want to go with my hard trance WIP, and there's a demo (note the word DEMO, it's not final and is only going to get better!) further down this news post if you're interested. ;) This week's going to be full of homework, so I won't have time to work on it, so Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday if I need it, are when most of the work will get done. ;) Hopefully it'll get done soon, thanks for your patience!


UPDATE 2-24-08: My song Faling Farther (Trance Remix) made it to the front page!! :D


UPDATE 2-22-08: Just thought I'd make an update on what to expect over the next few weeks.

First off, homework's coming on a bit heavy these days, so don't expect too much until next weekend (not tomorrow, but a week from then).

Starting that Saturday, I'll have two weeks off from school! :D I'll have tons of time on the computer, as I'm not traveling anywhere, so major progress on all sorts of stuff will be made over those two weeks, though very little before then.

That's all for now. The public demo in the last update is still the latest render, take a listen sometime and give me some feedback, any feedback from anyone is appreciated! ;D


UPDATE 2-18-08: PUBLIC DEMO! :D It's been a while since I posted a link to one of my demos on my page, usually I would just send them to people over IM, or submit them here. But since it feels extremely likely that this song's going to get finished, and I want the extra advice, I'll host it somewhere else for now until I submit whatever I finish with. :P

It's the hard trance WIP, and you can listen to it here. And before you say anything, yes, I know there's crackling in the beginning, so don't worry about that. Thoughts, comments, criticism, etc. are appreciated! ;D


UPDATE 2-13-08: Gotta love these daily updates, eh? ;D Started ANOTHER new WIP (and dropped Strobe in the process, it's really not going anywhere unfortunately), this time it's hard trance. Look for a demo in the latest Continue the Song Game thread on the BBS. ;D


UPDATE 2-12-08: Submitted the demo, and a little surprise. ;) Reviews are appreciated! :D

Augh, I should be studying for a test right now... D:


UPDATE 2-11-08: I've got a demo of Rush coming soon - I've got homework to do but I should have it done by today or tomorrow. I'll be submitting it directly to Newgrounds, so keep an eye out for it! ;)


UPDATE 2-9-08: Ok, I've chosen, even though I haven't gotten any suggestions - Blackout is the one I'll give the most attention, though there's still hope for Strobe and/or Rush. We'll see. ;D


Ok, it appears leaving my list on the front of my page isn't going to make much of a difference, so here's a new news post! :D

I haven't gone in depth with my works in progress lately, so here's an update. Currently, I have lots of different ones, but three big ones:

Blackout: The original idea for this one came from its distorted bass synth, which I discovered one day and found that it reminded me quite a bit of Stained Chrome, which I submitted back in March. I then tweaked with it until I liked how it sounded. I didn't do much work on it after that, though later on I started on a separate WIP based on some trancebreaks, inspired mostly by a song which I might share with you sometime. ;) The idea occurred to me to merge the two, and I gave it a shot, and it worked - and that's where it's at now.

The idea for the original Blackout (before I added the trancebreaks), like I said before, came from Stained Chrome - and the overall idea is that what was there in Stained Chrome was shut down, though functioning just fine, and tossed aside, where it was bent, twisted, burnt, and broken... somehow it survived, and this is what it has become. This is by no means a remix or remake of Stained Chrome, however... it's a separate song.

Strobe: I posted a loop of this one already, so you can read most of the description for this one. I doubt this is going to become a full song, though it's definitely possible. IM me for a more recent demo, as I'm not posting any more here until the finished version. ;) The general idea of this one is a booming, high-energy, "pump it" sort of trance song, which is made obvious by the loop demo posted here.

Rush: With this one, I'm attempting a very new style to me - much slower trance, at around 110 BPM. Thing is... if it's that slow, where's the rush? You'll find out if you ask me for a demo, or if I finish this song. ;)

I'm aiming for the melodic, powerful, busy feel, with a heavy drumbeat and an amazing melody. What's more, this one's practically finished, patternwise - I just need to figure out what I want to do with the structure of the song. :\

Right now my motivation for these three is about equal, so what I want is a few opinions on which one to give extra attention to. Because I think I can finish one or two of these, it's just a matter of choosing which. ;D For my own reasons, I'm not posting any demos, though you can always contact me privately (PM, IM, e-mail) if you want one.

Thanks for your time! :)

WIP Update


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2008-02-12 22:17:18

Should be awesome!

Karco responds:

Thanks. :)


2008-02-24 15:48:56

you got frontpage løl.

Karco responds:


(more text here because that :D smiley wasn't enough)


2008-02-26 17:52:58

Blackout sounds pretty cool, but I 'll be waiting for all 3 =P

Karco responds:

Heh, works with me! ;D


2008-03-03 23:21:36

You me, Collab. Lets do this!

Karco responds:

Heh, didn't you suggest it already? :P

IM me, if I don't IM you first. >:)


2008-03-07 14:17:47

I just noticed when reading your news page...text O_o

Karco responds:

Text? Where? D: