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Trance Remix Time?

2008-05-03 22:25:19 by Karco

UPDATE 5-30-08: First, I'll be putting off my front paged news post until later, so it doesn't get buried under what may be an extra number of news posts due to the NG Tank Awards. ;)

Second, I'm making a bit of progress on the Paradise on E Remix, though I'm not going to continue updating the daily updated section of the page until I start making some decent progress. On that same note, I'll be releasing a demo (though not on NG) as soon as I have one...

By the way, I'm aiming for best Paradise on E remix on NG. :O If you haven't heard the original, scroll down to find a link. ;)


UPDATE 5-28-08: It's been forever since I updated, I know. (Or at least it feels like it. :P) But this is just a short update to make it known I'm looking for someone to sing in Form! If you're interested, let me know here, or via PM. I'll be making a frontpaged news post about it on the weekend, when more people will read it. ;)


UPDATE 5-18-08: Never mind about the frontpaged news post, I'll be waiting a little while, I'll post it later this week for a different reason... ;)

As for WIPs, I haven't touched Form in a while though I'm going to come back to it later, and the Paradise on E Remix has started slow, but it'll pick up, especially considering I'm going to salvage a good amount of it that was done already the last time I tried to remix this song. I'm going to blow you all away with this, you watch. :D

That being said I've got various collabs (or attempts at collabs :P) going on with various people, so I've really got four, five, maybe even six different WIPs going on right now and progress on any one of them might end up being a bit slower than I'd have hoped... we'll see. :\


UPDATE 5-14-08: New song! :D I'll be making a news post about it this weekend, when I can put it on the front page...


UPDATE 5-10-08: I decided I'll remix Paradise on E - I tried it once and I didn't finish it but I came up with something really awesome. I could salvage it and start there. All the melodywork would be done, making it that much easier to make. :P (That's how it works for all remixes, you say? You'll see what I mean if I finish it. :P)

I'll be starting it on the 16th, after my last final. Hopefully I'll have it done before the end of the summer. >:)


This is my first time making a post on the front page, awesome. :D

So I feel like making a trance remix. I don't really know yet what I want to remix, so here are a few potential songs I COULD remix:

Nav - Space Sequence
Dj-Immune - Swift (Original Mix)
joshhunsaker - I'm Fine For Now
Chopin - Prelude No. 20 in C Minor
Aeden - Forever
Karco - Miracle - This one definitely deserves a remix - the concept was nice, the execution was crap. XD
Karco - Cycles - This one, too - the first half had this amazing chord progression, in my opinion. If only I had built on it better. D:
B0UNC3 - Paradise on E[Final?] - Don't go expecting the wrong thing, now, I could potentially blow you all away with this. :O

If anyone knows a trance (or otherwise) song like one of these (concrete though very melodic chord progression/melody, nothing else really matters), though, feel free to suggest your own. Why else would this be here on the front page? ;)

Trance Remix Time?

WIP Progress

2008-04-19 14:08:22 by Karco

UPDATE 5-2-08: Anyone know a good place to get podcasts? I'm looking for Daniel Kandi's Always Alive podcast, iTunes only has one episode. :P


UPDATE 5-1-08: A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! ;D
- Renamed Iteration to Form
- Updated the info for Form, added Estimated Length and Submission Date
- Form could really use a singer, now that I think about it... I'll make it my first song to use vocals. And I'll probably end up renaming it, AGAIN, based on the lyrics. XD
- I have finals next week and the week after that, but after that music will really pick up for a while
- I'm making a promo CD to get known, but it's only for people I know in real life. Sorry NG. :(

That's all for now.


UPDATE 4-26-08: Let's see. I'm feeling like a zombie today, I'm going to start sinking in homework before the end of the weekend, and I'm on the computer, making music. I'm going to try to enjoy this while I can... :P I've started a new WIP, see below for details. It's coming along nicely and might get submitted in the near future. :D

Hang on to your demos of Beginnings, though - I'm probably not going to do much more with it. Work's slowing down to a stop again and I get the feeling it's not going to pick up again. :\ I might render a better version for submission but I seriously doubt I'm going to finish it in the near future.

What we've got coming in terms of remixes, now, is a different thing. You'll notice I've taken off all of the remix projects on that list. That's because, sometime in the near future, I'll be making a news post on the front page, giving examples of songs I COULD remix, and asking for other suggestions. I can't remix all of these songs, so I'll just choose one or two by "asking the audience." :P That's all for now.


UPDATE 4-20-08: Everyone click here! This is awesome!! XD XD XD If you like it, thank Nav, who showed it to me. :P


How'd I forget to do this yesterday? D: I said I'd have it up then, but oh well. Hope nobody minds this being a day late. :P

Beginnings (60%)
Progress: I'm up to the first peak (having just finished the breakdown and buildup, though I'm still touching up on them). I doubt I'm going to get much more work done, though. :\
Estimated Length: More than seven minutes, possibly over eight. Currently, the song's nearly five minutes long, and I know the second breakdown will be at least a minute long. Making room for the second buildup, second peak, and the outro, there's still at least a minute and a half of the song left for me to make. ;) If things don't pick up, though, I might just submit a better version of the demo I've linked to below, as everything past that point isn't nearly as good.
Submission Date: I changed this. Instead of June 1st, you can expect to hear it sometime in late May/early June. I'm not going to promise a specific submission date and run the risk of missing it like I did with Contrast. ;)

Form (formerly Iteration) (N/A%)
Progress: A neat raw-sounding (though in a good way ;D) trance song with a fast progression. Not sure what I want to do with this one, so I don't really know how much of it is finished. I'm just making whatever as it comes to me, and it's sounding really cool so far. :D Maybe I could make this my first song with singing in it, too? It could definitely work...
Estimated Length:Two to four minutes. It's got a fast progression - 4 measures instead of the usual 8 or 16 - so it'll be shorter than usual. ;)
Submission Date: Sometime over the summer...? Probably sometime in June, maybe July if time runs thin, though it shouldn't. No demos this time, the only demo I'm making is exclusive to a promo CD I'm giving out. :P

Rush (30%)
Progress: See that demo I submitted a few months ago? It's basically that, plus a minute and a half or so (just guessing, I'm not actually looking at the .flp right now XD) of epic sawpads. Not too much yet. :P
Estimated Length: Around the four or five minute area.
Submission Date: Not sure yet. I really want to do something with this - finish it, let someone else have a look at it, or put it out of the way for good, I don't know right now.

Electro Side Project (5%)
Progress: Not sure what I want to do with this one. It could become a collab, or I could finish it on my own. I've got a few key concepts down, I just need to figure out what to do with it. ;)

Got something to say? Go right ahead. ;D

WIP Progress

Beginnings: My current trance WIP!

2008-03-29 13:08:44 by Karco

UPDATE 4-15-08: FINALLY! :D :D :D I figured out where the song's going now, and school is being a lot lighter than expected, so expect a lot of progress this week! >:) I might make the submission date a few weeks sooner, too. We'll see. :D Anyone want a demo? Contact me personally. I posted the one public demo, after that, everything's private. ;)

Progress reports will be up on Friday.


UPDATE 4-13-08: I'll be making a progress report on my various WIPs, Beginnings and otherwise, sometime this week, so keep an eye out for it. ;) You'll be hearing (possibly literally, no guarantees) again from the likes of Rush and possibly a few others. :O

Also know that from this week until late May, school and stuff will be seriously brutal - so I'm not expecting to get much work done on much for that reason. It sucks, because it's times like those when I get the most inspiration. D:


UPDATE 4-12-08: It's times like these I'm really thankful I made the RAM upgrade from half a GB to 2 GB a while back... Beginnings is pushing my computer to its limits and I shudder to think of how a computer with a quarter of the RAM I'm going on right now would take it. XD

I finished the second low point of Beginnings the other day. Why the second? It was easy to do, more of the song's finished that way, and I've been waiting to do it for forever anyway. :P I also did it hoping it'll help me figure out what I want to do for the first low point, which I'm about halfway done with, by the way. All I need to do is come up with the full melody (which I used to have, but am not going to use, as it doesn't fit) and the song's as good as finished. :O

And nobody I know in real life is sending me any e-mails... seriously? I wasn't expecting this, somebody I know has got to be visiting my page now and then. >:(


UPDATE 4-11-08: So it's come to my attention that more people that I know in real life than I thought - friends, family, etc. - are viewing my page and listening to my songs. :O Thanks to those of you who let them know, and to those of you who I know who listen - e-mail me at karcotechno@yahoo.com sometime, it'll be cool. :D

And, augh - if I could just get past this first low point of Beginnings, the rest of the song would practically make itself... >:( Progress is being made, though at a ridiculously slow pace...


UPDATE 4-4-08: I think Beginnings is officially on hold now. :\ Again, I'm on the first low point of the song, and right here I need some new composition... thing is, melodies and chord progressions come on their own with me, not when I want them to. I guess I'll just be patient...


UPDATE 4-3-08: So I've been insanely backed up with school all week... the weekend might be a bit better, not sure about it yet. :\ Inspiration has also been extremely inconsistent lately, so things aren't looking good for Beginnings... D:

I'll just be making whatever, and updating the left area of my page if I make any progress on Beginnings/any new WIPs, as always.


UPDATE 4-1-08: First off, none of what I say in this update is an April Fools' joke. I promise. XD

I've decided to rename Memory to "Time Will Tell." A lot more fitting, in my opinion. ;) Though sadly, I've still been making very little progress with it...

Also, has anyone noticed that I update the bottom of this newspost as progress is made/I have more to say there?

EDIT: Renamed it, again, to Beginnings. :P


UPDATE 3-31-08: I said progress on Memory would pick up... thing is, it looks like I'm going to be crazy busy with school stuff... I'm also still lacking in inspiration. :\ We'll see how it goes, but don't expect too much progress in the near future...

I'm also considering a title change. The source of inspiration changed midway through production (like it seems to be doing with all of my songs XD) and now I'm thinking of changing to a title more... forward-thinking, and less nostalgic? Any ideas?

Lastly, endlessnumber showed me the trance artist Mike Foyles the other day... I have a new favorite artist now. :D Check him out now (mainly his song Shipwrecked), I found him on iTunes, though he's probably on a few other online stores, too.

EDIT: It's Foyle, not Foyles. :P


First off, something struck me as I was taking an English test on Friday: trance music is a lot like poetry... though I'm not going to give my opinions here on why it is. Figure it out yourself. ;)

Second, sorry for being late in posting this (as I promised to those who read my page that I'd have it up yesterday)! D:

I'll get right to the point: Beginnings is my current and biggest Trance WIP, which surpasses in quality my latest two songs Temple and Contrast, which recently made the 1st and 5th, respectively, of the Weekly Top 5 on the Audio Portal, as well as my less recent song Falling Farther (Trance Remix), which was put on the front page. Following are the estimated length and submission date, as well as a three-minute demo and a few other thoughts.

(Those of you who knew all that already, I was originally going to put this on the front page, but I decided I'd do it later, as I can only put a news post of mine on the front page once every two weeks.)

Length: Around 8-10 minutes. This is less of an estimate and more of a goal, however - I can only have an influence on the progression of a song for so long, and after that, it takes off and it's the least I can do to keep up with the inspiration. XD It will be long, though, at a 6-minute minimum.

Submission Date: No later than sometime in late May. This is partially an inspiration thing, though mostly due to the fact that school takes priority over music, and I only get so much time a day to work on it. And if I want this to be my very best song yet, and a huge jump in quality, I'm going to have to take a lot of time making this song. ;) It could come earlier, but I'm guaranteeing a submission by June 1st, regardless of whether or not I've finished the song (though I should have it finished before then) - if it's not finished by then, though, I'll submit what I have.

Demo: Find it here! :D Ignore the little fade-in in the beginning, though, I don't know what happened there. o_O It's basically a teaser; it gives you a good idea of what most, though not all, of the song will be like. And to make up for the lateness in posting this news post, I extended it from 2 minutes, which I said I would give, to 3 minutes - practically all that I have right now! XD And I realize the sound quality's a bit weird, it's some Audacity thing - it'll sound a LOT better in the full version. ;) I know it says the title is Memory there, but remember, I changed the title to Beginnings. ;)

Other Points of Interest:
- The progression hopefully will be something along the lines of Intro-Breakdown-Build-Peak-Breakdown-B uild-Peak-Outro (so that makes the demo just the intro section)
- The second breakdown of the song will be the most powerful part of the whole song (and possibly my most powerful composition ever)
- A week or two ago I had a plan for what the peak would be like, in terms of melody/bassline/chord progression... now, the song's going in a different direction than I originally expected... though it seems to be a better one than what I had hoped. :D
- It's not really major or minor. Sure, you could go, "it's in F minor," or "it's in Ab Major," but, tonewise, is it really more one than the other? ;)
- This is one of my songs least influenced by other music, though it still is - Cordis's songs Lust and Grief both have their influence on this song. Which one it'll end up being the most like is yet to be seen... even I don't know. :O

Expectations: I originally said this song would fully live up to my expectations, though I'm already finding flaws in it that pretty much cannot be fixed. :\ I'm beginning to realize that for a song to fully live up to my expectations, it would have to be perfect, which just isn't realistic considering that I can find flaws even in Cordis's songs (though extremely minor ones XD). I'm still guaranteeing, though, that this song's going to be my best one yet, by far! ;D

Questions? Thoughts? Comments? Please don't hesitate if you have anything to say. ;)

Beginnings: My current trance WIP!

So, now what?

2008-03-12 17:48:25 by Karco


Though I'm going to continue using FL Studio 7 until I finish Memory, for convenience's sake.

Making the news post for Memory later today... ;) Edit: Expect it around 10 PM EST (Newgrounds time), more or less.

Edit Edit: Sorry everyone, I ended up being busy today. :\ I'll post it tomorrow morning (once again, NG time).


UPDATE 3-27-08: A couple things:
1) The news post and demo for Memory are both going to be posted tomorrow.
2) The demo will be the first 64 measures of the song - basically, the introduction. It'll be about two minutes long, and will give you a good idea of what parts of the full song will be like (though the full version will still have you all blown away, you watch >:D). There won't be any real melodic progression, melodies, etc. beyond the simple intro bassline, though, as it's the intro. So, basically, it's a teaser. XD


UPDATE 3-26-08: So I showed my friend our part of CTSG3 today, and he said it sounded pretty good. So as of yesterday, it's been finished - I'm on a school computer now but I'll upload it and post it at the Team Awesome page once I get home. ;) Any work that I do from now on will be if someone else on Team Awesome requests it.

As for Memory, I've got a demo nearly ready - I just have to decide whether or not to include an extra sixteen measures (when I finish them, as I'm still working them out) or not. I'll then have it fade out for the ending (as it's a demo), and I'll post it as a link on this news post. Expect it no later than sometime this weekend... I'll post it in the big news post I was talking about in the last update. ;)


UPDATE 3-24-08: So Memory is beginning to pick up... sadly, I can't give it my full attention yet! D: I've got to finish me and my friend's part for the CTSG3... once I do that, though, I'll make a full news post with details (including length, estimated submission date, possibly a demo, and other things!) about Memory, and keep it updated as progress continues. ;)


UPDATE 3-21-08: So I'm going out of town, starting later today, ending Sunday. And for some reason I can't bring my laptop, and in turn, FL Studio, Memory (I've finally been making some progress on that one, too), other WIPs, and most frustratingly, my part of CTSG3 - once again, I have people waiting for me to finish. Seriously? >:(

I guess that's it until Sunday, then. And just a note here: the left side of my page might not be updated daily, as I might not be able to get to a computer to do it. We'll see.


UPDATE 3-20-08: Well, I've got more homework than ever right now. I'm going out of town this weekend, which means I'll have even less time to do the homework that I have (which is above average for a weekend workload, as it's a long weekend).

At the same time, I'm getting more ideas for music than ever, and it's frustrating that whenever I do, the most I can do is keep them in my head, as I don't have the time to get them down on FL Studio. I want to work on the WIPs that I have, including my part for the CTSG3 (and I've got people waiting for me to finish it) but by the time I finish everything else, whoops! It's 9 PM, time to get off the computer for the night.

Don't you just love life? >:(


UPDATE 3-19-08: Looks like Temple made it up to the 30 All-Time Top Scoring list this week, so its attention, while slowing down, won't disappear yet! >:) Sadly, that is the case for Contrast, which didn't get anything this week after leaving the Weekly Top 5... oh well. :P

Still backed up with homework and real life stuff. >:( Today might be a bit easier, we'll see.

Edit: I just realized I typed 3-18-08 for the date for this update, instead of 3-19-08. Weird... I've been thinking a day behind all the time lately. o_O


UPDATE 3-17-08: Augh, my last day up on the Weekly Top 5. :( At least Temple and Contrast have a shot at the 30 All-Time Top Scoring... I hope. Hopefully those of you that enjoyed my songs (as of right now, exactly 100 people have favorited Temple, 68 people have favorited Contrast, and 94 people have favorited me as an artist - a shame, I was hoping to reach 100 :P) will stop by now and then for updates, and the occasional submission! ;D It felt pretty short, too... I guess that's why they call it your "fifteen minutes" of fame, rather than an hour, or a day, or something. ;D I'll stop rambling now.

Something you all should know is that I've made... a Facebook page? :O Look for Karco under the musicians category, of course... :P I still have to get a bunch of stuff up but I'll do that all later, I've been pretty caught up with homework and school stuff lately. D:

So thanks for reading, and thanks again to those of you who voted for getting two of my songs up on the Weekly Top 5! :D


UPDATE 3-16-08: Looks like they changed it (see previous update) back, which is good. :D On another note, I've been playing Audiosurf (search for it on Google and YouTube) a lot lately, which means less time spent making music... :( Ah well, no use making music if I'm not going to make my best stuff. My standards are still increasing, and I can still meet them, but it'll take all the effort I've got if I want to. ;)


UPDATE 3-15-08: Seriously? The license that we submit music under was just changed, apparently now flash authors can make money from flashes using Audio Portal music (even music submitted under the previous license before the change, which allowed only noncommercial use unless the audio artist says otherwise) and artists get nothing for their work. >:( I may stop submitting to NG, or even remove my music, if this lasts. Quotes from the thread I linked to above show that it might not all be bad, but we'll see... :\


UPDATE 3-14-08: So I've decided I'm not going to do or not do anything, I'm just going to play it by ear and see what happens. (To those who followed the link in my songs' descriptions where I asked for an answer to a question, don't worry about it, I made up my mind, though comments are still welcome. :P)

I've also decided I'm going to take another break from music for a while (funny that this happens right after I get all the publicity I could ask for, huh? :P). By this, I mean that I'm not going to work seriously on any song for a while. If I get an idea, I might get it down on FL Studio, but I'm not going to put too much time into music. I guess I'm just wiped out after making both Contrast and Temple in the same week. That, and pretty much every single WIP I've got is making no progress at all, and if I try to start something new, I get nowhere. D: I don't want to rush anything, especially since many of the WIPs I have now could be my best if done right.

By no means have I stopped submitting, this just means it's going to be a little bit longer until I submit something new. ;) Hopefully this won't turn too many people away from visiting my page now and then, though, as now and then I'll make updates, and I'm still updating the left part of my page daily. ;)

My first day of school after my two-week break off is this coming Monday. This means less time on the computer, though I'll try to respond to reviews/comments/PMs/etc. just as fast. ;) Due to my break from music mentioned above, it shouldn't affect my time on FL Studio too much, in fact, this break will actually ease me into the usual amount of time I'll get on FL Studio, so no problems there. XD

Last, I rendered a one-minute demo of Memory for those who want to hear it, though it's not ready for the public yet. You'll have to contact me personally. ;) It's a positive, uplifting tune picking up where Message left off when the file corrupted... we'll have to see where it goes! ;D

Crap, this update was as long as the original news post. D:


First off, thanks again to everyone who voted high/reviewed my songs so they could make the Weekly Top 5, thanks to everyone who's listening to and reviewing them now that they're there, and congrats again to those who I know that made it on the Weekly Top 5/All-Time Top Scoring, etc. ;D

For those who remember, after my song Falling Farther (Trance Remix) was put on the front page, I decided I should act on that publicity boost and submit a new song, and fast. That song was Contrast (which I failed to submit before Falling Farther (Trance Remix) left the front page), and while I don't think it got too much extra attention compared to submissions before Falling Farther (Trance Remix) was put on the front page, it eventually made 5th place on the Weekly Top 5 and is pretty much reviewing itself now (though, as far as I know, no thanks to Falling Farther (Trance Remix), unfortunately).

Question is, what do I do now? Now that both Temple and Contrast have made the Weekly Top 5, do I work like crazy on a new song with daily updates to my news post and everything, like I did with Contrast (though I doubt I'll have something finished by next Wednesday, unless it's another ambient song... actually, I think I might try to start one now)? Do I keep the updates to the WIP Progress area on the left of my page? Or do I do nothing at all and hope that the people who listened to and enjoyed Temple and/or Contrast will remember to check by my page for something new?

And of course, in the end, I want as many people as possible who enjoyed these songs to check by my page for more now and then, as sooner or later I will be submitting more music. Thoughts? :\

So, now what?

More music that YOU should listen to.

2008-03-06 20:01:56 by Karco


...I really should make more ambient stuff.


UPDATE 3-10-08: Not really an update, but just a reminder... you can see my latest WIP progress to the upper left of my page. ;) Want details? Contact me. ;D

Seriously, though, check out the songs I've listed further below, they're awesome!


UPDATE 3-7-08: You know what's my favorite thing about being good (at least in my opinion :P) at making music?

If my favorite artist doesn't make any new songs, who cares? I can just make one for them. XD


So the past news post, which lasted for about a month, was all about my stuff, so I'm going to make a news post about other peoples' music for a change (though if you want news on my stuff, just look to the left ;D). Like the last time I did this, I'm going to list music not on Newgrounds, though unlike last time, I'm not going to restrict myself to trance (though there's still going to be a lot of it!). ;D

Some of the songs on this list will be on a website in a foreign language, but it shouldn't be too hard to find the play and download buttons, and if you can't for some reason, there's a drop-down menu on the upper-right corner of one of them (Mikseri) for changing parts of the page to English. ;)

Be sure to comment here and tell me what you think! ;D

1. Sulauma - Nietos
This song is a great ambient/house-ish mix, submitted by Sulauma into the genre Deep House. I don't listen to it much anymore, but the reason it deserves its place on this list is because it seems to go on for so long. Just hit play, close the window, and whatever you do, don't look at the timer or anything that can give you an indication of how long the song's been playing. Sometimes it feels to me it's been playing for several times - six, seven? - its actual length. :D Also worth checking out, on the same page, is Shine Fish's (who is actually an alternate account of Cordis, who I gave a mention last time) remix, just as awesome in its own way.

2. Axolus - Avalon
Dream trance, and quite a ride! :D It's energetic, and has everything from sawtooths to vox to guitar (electric and acoustic, both masterfully used!). The FX and atmosphere are both amazing - the whole song is! :D Give it a listen to see what I mean, you won't regret it. ;)

3. Aurisgale - Phantom Train
An awesome song, which sets up an awesome atmosphere - the one reason you'll never be able to take this song seriously is that Aurisgale uses a train sample that sounds like it came out of a children's toy set. XD That aside, though, everything about this song is awesome, and it's one of the few breakbeat songs (though it does have some trance influences) that I listen to, often. Anyone know any other songs like this? I'd download them in a heartbeat. >:)

4. Aeden - Floating Museum (short version)
To get to this song, click the link and wait for the website to load, choose Aeden, click Download, and then download the song by clicking its name. ;) You'll download it as a .opm file, which will make listening to this song a bit of a hassle unless you have certain programs already that can play or convert it, namely Switch and Any Audio Converter to convert it, or Winamp (not sure if there are any others) to play it as is. Anyway, it's another great song, very well-produced, making liberal use of sidechaining and amazing melodywork. :D

5. Aeden - Forever
Another .opm file (4-8 are all .opm files), see number 4. To find this song, load the page, choose Aeden, click download, and then find the "Page 2" button on the right side of the page. Click it, and Forever will be on the right column, fifth from the top. More trance, very melodic/emotional, and pure awesome. Not as well-produced as I'd like it to be, but that's what remixes are for! ;D As soon as I learn to speak French (or get around to asking someone who can, as that's the language the website's in and I don't know if Aeden speaks English or not) I'll get permission and give it a shot. Who knows, maybe he'll put it up on his page. ;)

6. Open-Mind - Back biter
To get to this song, choose Open-Mind, then click download... ;) I'm not completely sure, but I'm guessing that Open-Mind and Aeden are the same person. I don't see any reason why two artists would share a website, unless they were collaborating, and I only see one song that could be one. Anyway, this song's pretty - no, really weird. Wait for the lyrics, and listen closely... they sound foreign at first, but somehow they flip into English, then back, and then become English again. Don't ask me why or what they mean, I have no idea! D: It also switches time signatures - to 3/4, I think? - but other than crazy lyrics/rhythms it's awesome.

7. Open-Mind - Banana Split
This song cracks me up. XD It's a techno song, in French, about banana splits. What's not to love? ;D The only word I understand is banana, but it doesn't make the slightest difference to me! :P

8. Open-Mind - Run fa cover (Hard mix)

More music that YOU should listen to.

WIP Update

2008-02-07 22:41:49 by Karco

UPDATE 3-5-08: Just submitted Contrast, listen to it here! :D Be sure to comment on this news post if you don't feel like leaving a full review.

Enjoy! ;D


UPDATE 3-4-08: Contrast is almost finished! :D I've just about finished the second peak though I'm still polishing a few parts before that. Then I've got the ending, which is always easy to do. ;) I plan to have it submitted today (or tomorrow if things don't go according to plan).

Also, question - should I continue these daily updates once I submit Contrast? Comment here with your answers, and keep in mind that I won't decide based on majority, but rather on how many people answer to begin with. ;D

Don't get how that works? Think about it...


UPDATE 3-3-08: Aww, look at that. Falling Farther (Trance Remix) was taken off the front page. :( Ah well, I know that SOMEBODY'S got to be reading these updates, so I'll keep them up anyway. ;)

I'm making decent, though slow, progress with Contrast, mostly because I'm polishing each section as I make it, rather than polishing everything at once at the end. Demo renders are available, but you'll have to contact me privately - PM, IM, e-mail - as I don't have an actual preview to show right now, like with the last one. ;)

Also, I've decided on two breakdowns and two peaks for sure, now, so the song will take longer to make, but should be at least 5, but probably 6 (or maybe even 7 :P) minutes long. Just be patient, this is going to be awesome... >:)


UPDATE 3-2-08: Today's update, unfortunately, isn't going to be a good one. :\ I've really been in no state to make music yesterday, and probably won't be today (sick), so I'm going to have to delay the submission of my song Contrast. :\ I'm still trying to work on it, and hopefully I'll have it submitted within a week from today,

Hopefully this delay won't turn too many people away from checking by my page for my next submission. I'm still going to submit it sooner or later, after all. ;D

EDIT EDIT EDIT! :D Never mind, I'm getting a surprising amount of work done. Still, I'm not guaranteeing a submission date, but take a look at the message on the left side of my page to see how overall progress is going. ;) There's also a fair chance that this song will be my first with two breakdowns and two peaks, which would mean it would be around two minutes longer. It also means I'd be spending more time making it, but we'll have to see. ;)


UPDATE 3-1-08: Finally, the two-week break I've been waiting for! >:) Not much to say now, except that I'm working harder than ever on this song... if anyone wants a demo render, contact me and I'll send you one privately. The demo down in one of the earlier edits is enough for the public to see until I submit the finished song. ;D

Also, it looks like the song's going to be submitted on either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, but hopefully no later than that. ;) I'm trying to get a new expansion for Nexus, which will hopefully make making this song ten times easier. ;)

Thanks for your patience! :)


UPDATE 2-29-08: Leap day edit! :D

Like I said, progress is picking up with music overall, and I plan to have the hard trance song finished by Sunday, maybe Monday if it takes too long.

Here are the details I promised:
Title - Contrast
Length - 4-6 minutes
Days to Completion - Hopefully two or three
Awesome - Yes! ;D

Just a few more days... ;)


UPDATE 2-28-08: So yesterday was the big "hump" of the week, and now that I'm past that, work on these WIPs is finally going to pick up again! :D I'll be posting the details for the hard trance WIP on Friday, though, I don't have time to do it right now. :P

Also, just a thought... anyone else think it's odd that more people have favorited my song Falling Farther (Trance Remix) than me as an artist? o_O

Anyway, thanks for your patience, everyone, it's going to pay off soon enough! ;D


UPDATE 2-27-08: Third daily update! :) A few things:
1) Renamed the reversed version of the Rush demo to Rewind, just because it fits more. :P
2) I didn't make any real progress on my hard trance WIP or Rush, sadly, and I probably won't make any today, either. :\
3) If anyone knows a song or two that reminds them of Rush, send it to me! It just might help me get it done faster. ;)
4) The review count on Falling Farther (Trance Remix) has broken 30 reviews! :D Right now it's at 35... thanks, everyone! :)

Thanks for reading, details on the hard trance WIP are coming either tomorrow or the day after that! :D


UPDATE 2-26-08: Huge progress was made last night, not structurewise but compositionwise. Now, I can guarantee that this song will get finished, and soon! :D Also stay tuned for the details - name, length, etc. - which I'll post on Thursday or Friday, after a bit more work and once my homework clears up. ;)


UPDATE 2-25-08: First daily update, thanks for reading! :) So far, I've got an idea of where I want to go with my hard trance WIP, and there's a demo (note the word DEMO, it's not final and is only going to get better!) further down this news post if you're interested. ;) This week's going to be full of homework, so I won't have time to work on it, so Friday, Saturday, and maybe Sunday if I need it, are when most of the work will get done. ;) Hopefully it'll get done soon, thanks for your patience!


UPDATE 2-24-08: My song Faling Farther (Trance Remix) made it to the front page!! :D


UPDATE 2-22-08: Just thought I'd make an update on what to expect over the next few weeks.

First off, homework's coming on a bit heavy these days, so don't expect too much until next weekend (not tomorrow, but a week from then).

Starting that Saturday, I'll have two weeks off from school! :D I'll have tons of time on the computer, as I'm not traveling anywhere, so major progress on all sorts of stuff will be made over those two weeks, though very little before then.

That's all for now. The public demo in the last update is still the latest render, take a listen sometime and give me some feedback, any feedback from anyone is appreciated! ;D


UPDATE 2-18-08: PUBLIC DEMO! :D It's been a while since I posted a link to one of my demos on my page, usually I would just send them to people over IM, or submit them here. But since it feels extremely likely that this song's going to get finished, and I want the extra advice, I'll host it somewhere else for now until I submit whatever I finish with. :P

It's the hard trance WIP, and you can listen to it here. And before you say anything, yes, I know there's crackling in the beginning, so don't worry about that. Thoughts, comments, criticism, etc. are appreciated! ;D


UPDATE 2-13-08: Gotta love these daily updates, eh? ;D Started ANOTHER new WIP (and dropped Strobe in the process, it's really not going anywhere unfortunately), this time it's hard trance. Look for a demo in the latest Continue the Song Game thread on the BBS. ;D


UPDATE 2-12-08: Submitted the demo, and a little surprise. ;) Reviews are appreciated! :D

Augh, I should be studying for a test right now... D:


UPDATE 2-11-08: I've got a demo of Rush coming soon - I've got homework to do but I should have it done by today or tomorrow. I'll be submitting it directly to Newgrounds, so keep an eye out for it! ;)


UPDATE 2-9-08: Ok, I've chosen, even though I haven't gotten any suggestions - Blackout is the one I'll give the most attention, though there's still hope for Strobe and/or Rush. We'll see. ;D


Ok, it appears leaving my list on the front of my page isn't going to make much of a difference, so here's a new news post! :D

I haven't gone in depth with my works in progress lately, so here's an update. Currently, I have lots of different ones, but three big ones:

Blackout: The original idea for this one came from its distorted bass synth, which I discovered one day and found that it reminded me quite a bit of Stained Chrome, which I submitted back in March. I then tweaked with it until I liked how it sounded. I didn't do much work on it after that, though later on I started on a separate WIP based on some trancebreaks, inspired mostly by a song which I might share with you sometime. ;) The idea occurred to me to merge the two, and I gave it a shot, and it worked - and that's where it's at now.

The idea for the original Blackout (before I added the trancebreaks), like I said before, came from Stained Chrome - and the overall idea is that what was there in Stained Chrome was shut down, though functioning just fine, and tossed aside, where it was bent, twisted, burnt, and broken... somehow it survived, and this is what it has become. This is by no means a remix or remake of Stained Chrome, however... it's a separate song.

Strobe: I posted a loop of this one already, so you can read most of the description for this one. I doubt this is going to become a full song, though it's definitely possible. IM me for a more recent demo, as I'm not posting any more here until the finished version. ;) The general idea of this one is a booming, high-energy, "pump it" sort of trance song, which is made obvious by the loop demo posted here.

Rush: With this one, I'm attempting a very new style to me - much slower trance, at around 110 BPM. Thing is... if it's that slow, where's the rush? You'll find out if you ask me for a demo, or if I finish this song. ;)

I'm aiming for the melodic, powerful, busy feel, with a heavy drumbeat and an amazing melody. What's more, this one's practically finished, patternwise - I just need to figure out what I want to do with the structure of the song. :\

Right now my motivation for these three is about equal, so what I want is a few opinions on which one to give extra attention to. Because I think I can finish one or two of these, it's just a matter of choosing which. ;D For my own reasons, I'm not posting any demos, though you can always contact me privately (PM, IM, e-mail) if you want one.

Thanks for your time! :)

WIP Update

The Fast Guide to Audio Products

2008-01-30 22:29:24 by Karco

UPDATE 4-16-08: >:( >:(


UPDATE 2-22-08: >:(


UPDATE 2-1-08: Well, I understand that this list has just started... but still, it's small! So, anyone who could contribute to this list, contribute - and anyone who knows anyone who can contribute, spread the word! ;D This list isn't going to be very much use if it covers only nine products, with only one comment each. ;)


Here it is, at last! Thanks to everyone who contributed to this list! :D We're starting out small, but hopefully it'll grow. >:)

For anyone new to this list, the basic point of it is to give quick and easy insight into any sort of product related to music, to anyone deciding whether or not it's worth buying. Each product will have anywhere from one to several short summaries, each accompanied by a rating out of 5 and any other important information, all written by users of that product themselves! :D If the short summaries, ratings, and other information listed here aren't enough, a good idea would be to PM one of the users of that product for more details. Categories, products, users, etc. are all sorted alphabetically.

If you want to contribute to this list, just send me a PM, or leave a comment here, with five things:

1) The actual comment - try to keep the length to around two or three sentences of reasonable length.
2) A rating - out of 5, decimals allowed.
3) The price of whatever your comment is about.
4) Any other important information, which will be listed next to the price.
5) A link or URL to the product's website.

Any and all contributions will be very appreciated! ;D If anyone wants to edit a comment of theirs, all they have to do is PM me/comment here with what they want to be changed, and what they want me to change it to. ;)

First off, the missing list, then the actual list itself.


- Currently, nothing's missing! :D



EMU 0404-USB - $229
Rig: "If you're going to get this, make sure you don't have Vista. It doesn't have a driver for this external sound card. And my old laptop doesn't like it either - I have to disable my graphics card for it to work properly. All the problems are on my end, though. It's worked fantastically otherwise, with its two Mic/Hi-Z/Line combo inputs and line outs. Recording quality is top notch - up to 32bits and 192kHz with internal soft clipping for clipless signals."
Rating: 3.75/5
Claxor: "The 0404 is perfect for me, enough I/O (see Rig's review), non-noticable latency (below 10ms mostly), and flawless recording quality. I guess it could use more jacks, but other than that, it's very good."
Rating: 4/5

Korg KONTROL49 - $349
Rig: "This is a great MIDI keyboard, it has all the pads and sliders that I need! One of the sliders doesn't work due to a food mishap, but otherwise it's been solid. FL recognizes it and I've had no problems linking anything to anything else."
Rating: 4.75/5

Kurzweil SP2X - $1390
Claxor: "The SP2X is a stage-piano (it can be used as a MIDI keyboard though), and has the functionality you'd expect from one. It features a not-so-big, but very high quality sound bank. It also features multiple effects that you can apply to the sounds. It has 88 keys that feel really good, if you're a pianist, you'll love them. Best buy ever!"
Rating: 5/5



Soundsense Trance Inducer - $59.95
Karco: "Don't be fooled by the demos - this is a sample CD, after all, and is made up entirely of hits and loops. Look elsewhere if you want your own synths. As for drums, this has a good variety for a lot of styles that you won't find in the more popular sample CDs - Vengeance Essential Clubsounds, etc. Though if you want these styles, there are better ones out there for the same money, especially considering inflexible synth and drum loops make up half the content. To put it concisely, it's eJay on a CD."
Rating: 2.9/5



EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Gold Bundle - 35 GB - $595
MaestroRage: "East West Symphonic Orchestra Gold is a huge step up from Silver. The samples all have reverb on them, the strings section has upped the ante a great deal. It lacks strength in the brass section however. A great more range of instrumentation and stylistic performances. Ideal for starting composers who are serious about their game and are looking for some heavy substance in their performances." (more...)
Rating: 3.7/5

EWQL Symphonic Orchestra Silver Edition - 2.4 GB - $195
MaestroRage: "East West Symphonic Orchestra Silver is the ideal package for composers who are looking for textures of the orchestral variety, but not ultimate realism. The samples in this library all lack reverb and are very dry, which is quite ideal for some electronica and game composers." (more...)
Rating: 2.8/5

FL Studio - $49-$361 (depending on version)
Karco: "Definitely a great starting sequencer. Easy to use, though there is a bit of a learning curve - you won't pick it up right away, but rather after a some playing with it, and maybe some learning how to use it from someone else. The capabilities have satisfied me up to my current (pretty advanced :P) level, and have yet to really let me down. The only downside is for starting users - you'll probably want to use a sample CD and/or some outside synths along with it, as most of the samples and synths that come with FL Studio are easy to recognize."
Rating: 4.5/5

Reason - $499
SBB: "Works wonders for about all electronica genres, from yer casual trance or acid house to idm and ambient, with its great synths and routing possibilities. It is not recommended if you do any kind of recording, since its audio in functions are practically none. (however, if you'll rather use sampled instruments, you can easily make realistic and great sounding classical/rock tunes with the right ReFills and samples.) If you do that, you can use Reason as a huge synth by rewiring it into a DAW with audio recording capabilities. The user interface is simple and userfriendly, but might be confusing if you've used other programs."
Rating: 4.25/5

ReFX Nexus - $299.99
Karco: "Currently my most-used VSTi. It has an amazing sound, as well as an amazing preset library: initially you have over 650 presets, and you can buy 128-preset expansions as well, for just about anything - even drums. Downsides include being CPU-hungry, being a ROMpler (no custom synths) and steep prices - $300 for Nexus itself, and $70 per expansion, save the Dance Drums expansion, which will cost $40."
Rating: 4.3/5

ReFX Vanguard - $89.99
Karco: "A decent VSTi - it comes with several presets and is, in my opinion, a pretty good fit for the novice artist. It has a somewhat flat sound in my opinion, though, and since buying better synths I've hardly ever had to use it. I don't know for sure, but there are probably better purchases out there for this money."
Rating: 3/5



-Total Number of Entries: 11
-Total Number of Products Covered: 10
-Total Number of Users: 5

Going back to school, and RAM upgrades...

2008-01-06 18:19:31 by Karco

UPDATE 1-25-08: Sorry about the delays with the purchases in a nutshell (I'm considering calling it "The Fast List for Purchasing" now) list, I've been quite busy lately with homework. :\ I'll get to posting it in a new news post soon, though, hopefully today or tomorrow. ;)

Augh, I'm HUNGRY! >:(


UPDATE 1-22-08: I'm putting all musical activities on hold for now, I've ordered a few new awesome things (the sample CD Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Volume 2, for example) and I don't want to start anything new without them. ;)

On a second note, the list is coming along nicely - I've already got contributions from an incredible number of users! :D Seriously, thanks - all two of you.


Humor aside, if anyone would like to help out with this list, just look at the below update for a short summary if you'd like and send a PM my way. It'd definitely be appreciated. :D


UPDATE 1-16-08: EEEEUUUGGGHHH. I just realized how horrible my current banner/user image look now that we've gone back to the incredibly... orange layout. XD Changing them now...

Also, I just realized that I put 07 as the year for the dates of the last two updates. Ah, the new year... :D

I'm going to start a new list! Basically, it'll be a fast list for anyone who wants quick, general advice on what to buy. I'll have short, 2-3 sentence comments for a product, from people who own and use that product. If anyone wants to know more, then they can PM that user. More than one user can comment on a product - that way there's more info from more than one person. ;)

If anyone wants to help with this list, just send a PM my way, or leave a comment here! ;D


UPDATE 1-13-08: Inspiration/motivation have gone flat again. :\ I won't be submitting anything for a while. Though if you really want something from me, just contact me personally somehow - PM, IM, e-mail - and I'll get something to you. ;)


UPDATE 1-11-08: It turns out New-Milkman was right - it took something like five minutes to upgrade my computer's RAM; only a part or two was changed. So, hello 2 GB RAM! :D So far, I'm quite impressed... FL Studio's running a lot faster than before, and it has yet to give me grief with anything. :P

As for music, I'm going to do the big compilation idea. It'll be a bit of a bother to plan, and then put together in Audacity, but it'll be worth it. ;D Be patient, it'll get finished over the weekend...


UPDATE 1-9-08: So I'm reading Shakespeare (the Tempest D:) in school, and guess what? We got to read the funniest line for homework today. :D

"...Dost thou hear?"

Miranda: "Your tale, sir, would cure deafness."

Shakespeare's awesome sometimes. :D

Also, all of a sudden I'm listening to this guy all the time - AWESOME trance, and nothing less. :D It's mainly the first song up there, Sugarless, though I'm going to have a look at those other songs sooner or later once I get bored of it... it might be a while, though! XD

As for my computer... well, since the last update, it never left. We keep forgetting to take it! >:(


UPDATE 1-7-08: So I've decided: I'm going to submit something once I get my laptop back. What'll it be? Well, I don't know myself. :P I'm going to take a look around, and submit what I like. It may or may not be what I mentioned in the last news post - actually, it probably won't be. But we'll see... ;D

By the way, I didn't say last time how much RAM I'm upgrading to. So I will now: 2 Gigabytes. I can't wait. >:)


So today happens to be the last day of my break. >:( I didn't get too much done over it, though that probably was because I was on vacation. :D Ah well. I did get some stuff done... I also still have the same two potential submissions (see previous news post).

I'm also getting my computer taken in soon for a few days for some RAM upgrading - the story why is a really short one when I say I've got 504 megabytes of RAM. And I'd be glad to lengthen it to anyone who asks privately, as it's a REALLY long story - sometimes my computer can take in the neighborhood of 20-25 minutes just to get me logged on and ready to use whatever it is that I want to use. >:(

So, again, I won't be on the computer as much as I'd like to be. I still will be responding to PMs, reviews, and e-mails - from school, or from another computer at home - but I won't be using FL Studio and access to messenger programs will be possible but more difficult, due to the RAM upgrade. :\ Hopefully it'll all be over soon. ;D In the meantime, I'll see if I can get something submitted before then...

Going back to school, and RAM upgrades...

New look!

2007-12-04 14:03:22 by Karco

UPDATE 1-4-08: First off, happy new year - I accidentally typed 07 rather than 08 in the date there and had to correct it. :P

I have two potential submissions right now - one, an acid techno thing which I showed a few months ago - September? October? - which I finally got around to finishing. Or, at least, as much as I felt like working on it. :P I'm still unsure of it, but if anyone remembers it and wants me to submit the finished version (I don't think anyone's heard it (the finished version), though - maybe I'll share it privately) just make a comment here requesting it. ;D Second would be a compilation (similar to what B0UNC3 did a while ago) of a bunch of unfinished stuff that I probably won't be finishing on my own... you guessed it, another effort at finding a collab. :P That one I'll definitely be submitting, but only if I can find enough projects that are worth it.

Finally, I just got back from my vacation, and slept 11 hours. And, wouldn't you know it? I still need more sleep. XD


UPDATE 12-20-07: Turns out I've got internet access here after all! :D I'll be responding to reviews, PMs, and e-mails hopefully within 24 hours as usual, though no guarantees. AIM and MSN are still unlikely, don't bother trying to contact me through those. If you see me on, you're lucky. ;D

A new-years' submission is becoming unlikely, this is a vacation, after all, which is centered around going places and seeing things, not sitting in the hotel in front of FL Studio! ;D So, once again, the general time of submission is being pushed back to mid-January. Sorry. :\

Got to go now, but there's not much else to update on anyway. :P


UPDATE 12-18-07: Well, this is going to be my last update for a while. And Firefox is being all laggy and unresponsive with me right now. How nice. >:(

I'm going on a vacation starting tomorrow and it's unlikely I'll be heard from nearly as consistently between that day and the 3rd. I won't be reviewing anything, and responses to reviews, PMs, and e-mails may not come as quickly as usual. Things might be better or worse than this, depending on the consistency and quality of the internet access, if any, that I'll be getting...

I won't be on MSN or AIM at all, so if you need to contact me through those, find other means.

As for music... well, I'm going to have my laptop with me on the airplane, and I hear that they're going to have plugs to charge it with on the airplane as well. So... 12-hour music session, anyone? >:D

WIPs are continuing, though my big trance remix has come to a standstill... not for lack of time or inspiration, but rather motivation. I'll get to it on the flight, though, among plenty of other things. ;)

That's about all. If you've got anything to say to me, and are reading this post before approximately midnight tomorrow EST, say it now. ;) Otherwise, that's it! :D


UPDATE 12-14-07: Aah, the relief of finally being finished with all the major stress until the second half of the school year! :D

Starting today, progress on my trance remix WIP will begin to speed up again. By Monday, it'll be going full speed. >:) This is definitely something to look forward to.

Edit: Augh, would you look at that? I've got a garbage whistle! D:


UPDATE 12-11-07: Not much to update on, but why not, right? :D

I'm finding time to continue work on my big trance remix WIP, despite homework being heavier than ever. Progress is being made again! :D Once again, I can render+send a demo to anyone who asks - and deserves to hear it, too. Which would be nearly everyone who's interested at all. XD

Another new thing: It turns out I'll be able to work on my WIP (for the most part, as I please) starting this Monday, as my homework really lets up starting that day. I'll also get to take my laptop with me on my vacation, and I'll possibly even get internet access while I'm there - so don't think I'll vanish entirely while I'm gone. ;D This even makes a new-year-submission a realistic possibility, so expect it then!

I'm still looking for collabs, see the 12-6-07 update.

That's about all. Now to get back to that essay of mine... ;D


UPDATE 12-6-07: I'm feeling like a collab! :D You can already see I've got one going from what it says under my user picture but I feel like another one. So, I'll give requirements for anyone who wants to collab with me. These are necessary to make things easier on me, and maybe you. ;)

- Must have the latest version of Nexus. (I'll work with Vanguard or 3xOsc, though I'd rather not.)
- Must have decent (or better) experience in trance. Just about any major kind of trance works for me. :D You could also have decent, or better, experience in another genre, but you'd have to convince me to try it. ;D

I have some great melodies and .flps we could work off of - contact me for those, but I also don't mind starting a new one, or using one that's not mine! :) Hope I can find someone to collab with sometime...

If you don't fit one or more of my requirements, but want to collab with me anyway, well, contact me anyway with your situation and maybe we can work something out. :P Just know I'm not going to collab with any random and very inexperienced user, I want to make a good song with someone who knows what they're doing. >:)

So if anyone's interested, there are a few things you can do to get a hold of me:

1) PM me, which is by far the best way to contact me. I check my Newgrounds PM Inbox daily and will respond within 24 hours, for sure. ;D

2)You can also catch me on AIM (my AIM address is right here, on this page), but you'd have to find me while I'm signed on, which is a bit of an inconvenience. In some cases, when I'm bogged down with homework, you might end up waiting a few days. :\

3) Finally, you can e-mail me, at karcotechno@yahoo.com. It's not an e-mail address I check daily, though - my main e-mail address has my name and birth year in it, and isn't one to be shared on the internet. :\ Anyway, you'd be better off PMing me over the Newgrounds PM system anyway - anything that needs to be attatched could just be uploaded to a filesharing site, like putfile.com or megaupload.com, right? ;)

As for my WIP, no progress. Homework is quite the motivation killer... though apparently I still want to collab. :P


I just changed my header, user image, signature, and aura to match the December layout, and I think this looks pretty good! :D (It's not showing up on this annoying school computer, though, which is a shame... -_-) I think I'll be keeping it after they remove the new layout... also expect to see this gradually replace my red/orange pictures on other websites.

As for the WIP (the remix), I wish I could work on it, but homework's being killer right now. D: And then once that's over with I've got this huge vacation where it's unlikely that, if I get to bring my laptop at all, I'll have access to FL Studio as much as I'd like to (except for the HUEJ plane flight there and back), so I'm not so sure anymore I'll be able to have it finished by the new year. I'm almost certain I'll have it finished sometime in January, though. :) Again, if you'd like a demo, all you have to do is contact me somehow, and offer some feedback in return to help make it better. ;)

That's all! ;D

New look!

Some truly amazing trance songs.

2007-11-27 18:23:43 by Karco

UPDATE 11-30-07: Just a short update, but I've got a general idea of when I hope to have this finished. :) No guarantees, but my goal is to have this song finished for the new year, as well as my one-year mark of making music. >:) Also to be noted is that I now have a demo ready - or can render one, anyway, if you contact me. It'll be really quiet, though, so you'll need to turn your volume up - as the song's such a PAIN to mix/EQ that I have to lower the master volume to 30%, and even then there's distortion. D: But progress is being made, and I like what I have so far...


UPDATE 11-29-07: I've started a new trance WIP! :D It's a remix. No demos yet, and I don't think I'll be giving any, except privately via PM or chat to a few people - this is going to be a big surprise, and an awesome one, too. ;D That's all for now.


Just now I felt like making a post about the trance I've been listening to lately, so I'm going to do just that. ;D This will be about artists that you will NOT find on Newgrounds - some of them give away their music for free, some of them don't. I'll go down my list of artists in the order they come to mind, but within each artist, if I feel like it, I'll list the songs in order of how much I like them. :P


I. Cordis

This artist has been my favorite artists for a few months, now, and of all of the artists I'll be listing here, definitely fits "amazing" the most. :D His songs are very strong, emotionally, and are very well-produced. Also to be noted is that this is the artist that completes the other source of inspiration behind nearly all of my recent songs. Unfortunately, I've been listening to this artist less and less, as I've been trying to shift away from that source of inspiration... :( Ah well, here's my list of my favorite songs by Cordis...

1. Lust (Original Mix) - This is possibly one of the most amazing trance songs I've heard, ever. The production is amazing and the melodies/harmonies convey something I could never hope to convey for what will be months, possibly a year or two. Definitely worth a listen. Also worth listening to is the Taisto Project Remix, which is just as awesome in its own way, and quite interesting - even though it's a remix, it never once plays the main melody of the original.

2. DCX - Flying High (Cordis Dub Remix) - This is a VERY interesting song - it's a remix of a completely different trance song which you can find here (look for Flying High (radio edit)). The original is a somewhat cliched song, though Cordis makes it awesome - he starts over from scratch, and makes a remix that is practically its own song except for the lyrics, which are the only thing it has in common with the original - and even then, he harmonizes them and adds a chorus effect. The result is a very original and well-produced trance song with everything from perfect pacing to a pwnsome acid break a little more than halfway through. >:) Also worth a listen.

3. Ascension (Original Journey) - Another amazing song which I had completely forgotten about until Dj-Immune reminded me! :D I'd have to say that, at least in my opinion, the main highlight of this one would definitely be the melodies and the harmonies - Cordis makes liberal use of dissonance in what could only be described as incredible - listen to the song itself to find out what I mean. ;) Also to be pointed out is that this is the only song in which Cordis uses a guitar - and it's used well. :D I can't really do the song justice with words, though, so do yourself a favor and listen to it. ;D

There are plenty other songs that are worth a listen, including Sirene (Original Mix) and Fall (Original Mix) (also in order), but if I'm going to finish this post in one sitting I'm going to have to keep moving. ;)


II. Fleeticer

This is one of the more unique trance artists I've heard in a while - unlike Cordis, Fleeticer's songs are much more chilled-out. They're trance, but with some ambient influences here and there - in fact, in places, some of his songs could be called ambience with a bassline and a beat, and in other places, ambience period. :D You'd have to listen to this artist to know what I mean... I'm not going to go in detail on any of his songs, but I will reccomend Seven Seas (Original Mix), Twinsanity (Original Mix), and Frozen Fields (Original Mix), in that order.


I'm getting bored of this, so I'll submit it as is and update it later, possibly adding new artists, or more to the existing ones on this list. Enjoy the music! :)

Some truly amazing trance songs.